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Our inbound services are provided by our partners specializing in Israeli immigration, relocation and foreign expert law. Their experience stems from their having represented a long line of local and international companies, in addition to private clients.

Services include :

Work Visas for Academic Foreign Experts (1 year)

Foreign experts who hold an advanced degree in the professions (such as engineers, consultants, supervisors, foremen / senior managers, etc.) may qualify for a one year work permit. The company is obligated to pay double the average salary in Israel. The work permit can be extended on a yearly basis, for a maximum of 63 months. The dependent spouse and minor children may also qualify. Processing time is approximately 8-10 weeks from submission.

Work Visas for Non-Academic Foreign Experts (1 year)

Non-academic Foreign Experts (includes technicians, machine installers/drillers etc.) may also qualify for a one year visa with the possibility of extension up to 63 months. With this visa type the company may have additional requirements:
Bank guarantee of NIS 40,000 per employee;
Contract that meets the requirements of Israeli labor law written in the language of the foreign expert;
Affidavits as may be required in the language of the foreign expert.

Work Visas for Foreign Experts (3 Months)

The process is similar to the 1-year visa process, however the company is required to pay only the minimum wage in Israel. The permit cannot be extended beyond 3 months.

Work Visas Under the Expedited Process (Up to 90 days)

This process allows companies to obtain a work permit within 6 business days. The employee can enter Israel immediately after issuance of the work permit. This process is applicable only to waiver countries. The application can be divided into several applications during the calendar year however, each process will require the submission of a new application, including government fees.

Work Visas for Hi-Tech Companies

Due the shortage of skilled hi-tech professionals and the importance of the industry to the Israeli economy, an expedited visa process was implemented for visas for 90 days or 1 year. In order to qualify the company must be recognized as a Hi-Tech company by the Israeli Innovation Authority. The procedure applies only to waiver countries. The prevailing wage is double the average wage in Israel. The 1-year visa allows spouses of foreign experts to obtain an unrestricted B-1 work visa.

Work Visas for Unique Technologies and Mechanization

This procedure allows companies who participate in “mega projects'' in Israel to obtain work permits for foreign workers utilizing a unique technology or perform mechanization work that is not available in Israel and which can only be carried out through cooperation with a foreign entity. The procedure allows the company to obtain work permits for hundreds of foreign experts for the duration of the project, subject to the discretion of the Work Permit Unit. The application should be submitted 6 months in advance and must include a detailed description regarding the unique technology or mechanization, "gant work", summary of milestones, and required supporting documents.

Work Visas for Skilled Foreign Workers in Industry 

This is an experimental procedure that allows Israeli employers in the industry sector to apply for work permits for skilled employees that are in short supply. Currently included in this list are: industrial, manufacturing and mechanical engineers ; practical engineers, mechanics; clerks and machine operators including welders and locksmiths; and work in exceptional professions. Unlike foreign experts, the employer is obligated to pay the employee a lower wage, which should not be less than 130% of the average wage. This new procedure is applicable only to foreign employees from specific countries such as the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and several EU countries.

Work Visas for Foreign Journalists

Foreign journalists who wish to enter Israel must have a representative of the Israeli media submit the application to the Israeli Population and Immigration Authority. Foreign journalists from waiver countries can enter Israel as tourists and apply for a B-1 work visa in Israel. Journalists who arrive for a permanent job or for a period of one year or more will also be asked to attach a recommendation from the Government Press Office (GPO).

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